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EU Kontroll Oslo


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I just took my 1979 Land Rover Series 3 for the EU control and they failed it. The reasons would be funny if it wasn't such a waste of time.


First they didn't know how to start it and gave it no preheat. They said the handbrake / emergency brake affected the right side more than the left (they didn't even notice that the Land Rover hand brake is a separate brake on the propshaft) and they said there was play in the steering (which is just the flex in the steering bars).


I need a workshop which knows Land Rovers or has at least seen a car older than 10 years. Any good recommendations around Oslo?


I'd like to take it for testing tonight or tomorrow if anyone knows somewhere.

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Strømmen Bilverksted ,Skjervaveien på Strømmen , tlf.990 90 775


Kenneth is a Land Rover -man , and he is also a member of the Norsk Land Rover Klubb.


The car will be in good hands :D

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