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Place/Mechanic/Workshop for oil change in North Norway

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Hello again from the Canary Islands!


A friend of mine is driving through northern Sweden, in Umeå right now, and he is going to North Cape... once he is there, he will drive to southern Norway, but he is looking for a workshop or garage to change the oil and filter. So if you know someone who is not very busy and can spend 45 minutes/1 hour doing that... I would really appreciate it... His car is a 90 300Tdi... I think he is easy to work with


If you want to reply with information about workshops you can also send a message to my WhatsApp or Telegram... My number is +34649300760... I can also check answers here...


Thank you in advance!

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Well, it seems he has no time to drive all the coast from North Cape to Oslo... So he decided to go via Sweden... One thing he is suffering is to get an available garage to change the oil... He is not good enough to do it by himself and needs a mechanic... The dealers are super busy and they tell him to wait at least 2 weeks, and the people tell him to do it by himself in petrol stations with lifts where you can do it... that is when I think to myself I should be with him to do it because I do all the stuff by myself... 


Let's see what happens... He has to change oil every 5k kms... 

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Hello again,


Yep, that is true, if he changes the oil instead every 5000kms, 6500kms is not going happen nothing wrong... I was talking to him 5 minutes ago and he was trying to leave Sweden asap because he has had the worst experiences with people there...


Anyway, thank you ALL for all the answers and suggestions about this. I will have to teach my friend how to change the oil by himself. lol



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He might be more lucky if he find a small independent garage on the countryside. The big dealers are usually busy and don't gain anything by helping a foreigner that is just passing by.

A workshop for agricultural equipment or big trucks might also be able to change the oil for him.


On the other hand, as long as there is enough oil, he should be fine continue driving.

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As soon as he left Sweden and crossed into Denmark he went to a T-Hansen shop near Copenhagen to get oil for a change, and he encountered, close to that auto parts shop, a garage that could solve his problems... That garage was run by Iraqi people, my friend was very surprised to encounter people willing to help and with smiles on their faces... so oil and filter done... At this time he should be close to France...

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