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Defender servicing in Oslo


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Hi! I have recently moved to Oslo and have brought my 2009 Defender 110. It needs to be serviced soon and I wondered if there were any recommendations for garages in the city please? I have all of the necessary filters etc which I brought with me but I'm looking for a good garage. I'd be grateful for any reccommendations please. Many thanks!



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A couple of years ago i bought a Td5 that needed service with change of all fluids, seller was paying. Insignia estimated NOK 22.000 unless they found anything extra. I could not even bring myself to spend someone else’s money like that! Strømmen did it for less than kr 10.000 but that included some additional bits and pieces (as usual…). Kenneth there is good and drives Defender himself. I have used them since. Have also heard good things about Bilxtra Skøyen but never tried them myself.  

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Hi @Rob1815


Welcome to Oslo!

I have lived in the city center for the last ten years, with seven of them with a Land Rover product.
I have used Bilxtra Skøyen, Strømmen Bil and Sandmo (They are based in Drammen) and also Autogården Kongsberg (same as Skøyen).

I consider these to be the best shops around Oslo.
For my self, i am now only using Bilxtra Skøyen. I find that William do a good job, for a good price and you dont have to wait five weeks to get an appointment - plus its the nearst.
I have no issue with recommending the others.

Actually i just deliverd my L322 today, because i need help with the coolantsystem.
But i have had my old 110 and Disco 1 there.


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