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P38 V8 Gems purge valve virkemåte


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Var nok litt slapp i google- fingeren.


Fant dette..

The Charcoal canister is designed to Collect the fuel vapor generated in the fuel tank and transfer the vapor into the air stream entering the engine This ensures that the fuel vapor is burned during the Combustion process and not allowed to escape into the atmosphere. The charcoal in the canister absorbs the fuel vapor to prevent condensation within the canister. The vapor is allowed to enter the air steam in a controlled manner through the normally closed purge valve. When the canister purge valve (CANPV) is activated, the valve is opened and closed in rapid succession (modulated) to introduce fuel vapor into the air stream. The purge valve is modulated to prevent the introduction of large amounts of air that would be introduced if the purge valve was left fully opened.

When the CANPV is modulating, the system monitors the oxygen sensor signal to determine if there is any vapor in the canister. If the oxygen sensor signal shows a lean condition (no vapor in canister), the system turns off the purge valve.

When the vehicle is first turned on, the GEMS module performs a check of the purge valve to verify that is functioning electrically. If the system detects an open or short condition, it will set DTC P0443. If the valve is functioning properly electrically, the system can determine if the valve is operating mechanically by modulating the valve when the engine is running. Failure of the mechanical test will set DTC P0441. Follow the procedures outlined below to troubleshoot DTC codes P0443 and P0441.

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