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  1. Rett før EU kontroll hadde jeg lignede sykdom... Krysset var helt kaput!!!
  2. Trenge hjelp til å få liv i de 2 lysene foran defender. Bilen ble EU godkjent etter at jeg fjernet lysene siden de fungerte ikke. Men nå vil jeg ha dem tilbake, Finnes det folk her i området med elektronikk kompetanse? Bilen det er snakk om er defender 1999 TD5 110. Takker for alle hjelp. Daniel 920 tre fire 911
  3. Ohhh the brake disks are for free og a bottle of Cheap weissbier Telephone 920 .. Three-four 911 Daniel
  4. Having being pressed by samboer, my hoarding habits are coming to an end. (Skrotnisse I am called) I just do not have anywhere to stand in the garage. The SWIMBO once got a hanging hamer on her toes. That started the fight.... That (childish) thought of always keeping the part JUST Ìn case` I need it has taken over!! I am selling these with a heavy, heavy spirit and heart. But knowing on VBF, the parts will find a home (Another Scrotnisse ), I am selling them reasonably cheap. If you feel for bargaining, feel free. If you need a bartar trade with preferably Weissbier, feel free. I speak fluent Norwegian too. Another offer too is those who need lectures on how to fix the parts, can come up here and get a full lecture. The parts are as follows; LAND ROVER DEFENDER/DISCOVERY2 - DE-CAT EXHAUST DOWN PIPE - DA4348…….500 for both- where one is old and the other is new... Land Rover Discovery 2 CV Joint Front 300 LAND ROVER DEFENDER 2.5 TURBO FRONT EXHAUST PIPE`89 ON 120.- Land Rover Defender Steering Track Rod + Ball Joints - NRC9743 200,- for both Land Rover Defender 90/110 2.5Td5 Exhaust Silencer Box 300.- Brake disks disco 2 and Defender 1 weisbieer
  5. The wonderful doors have been sold to Kent Espen. Weissbier pictures to follow. Verdens Beste Forum
  6. 1120td5

    Snow cowl

    Skulle vært på `bildeler`.....
  7. Defender 1999 model year. Oh.. I speak fluent Norwegian too
  8. Having being tortured by rotten biscuit doors, I have changed all 4 doors just before the EU Control. They never commented on it. What a waste!!!!! Now the doors which needs a home and a handy man is for sale. How I wish I could weld I try to be human by not putting any price at all but any price over 500,- for all 4 can be a good deal. (125 kroner for some 4 entrecote pieces) However, anyone willing to negotiate the price is also welcomed. Anyone also willing to present some good beers (not heineken) but weissbier is also welcomed. Please contact me on 920 34 Nine One One. Best Regards Daniel
  9. Har du fått etterlengt dørløssen?
  10. Jeg har en skilleveg for D2 som gis vekk. Gi lyd snarest ellers sendes den til gjenvinning. Daniel 920 tre 4 911
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