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D3: Hovedlykt innmat etc. Bytte til klar linse

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Noen som har demontert lykta helt, og tatt bilder av innmat, med tanke på xenon/ HID delen. 

Med linse og projector/ reflektor.

Tenker bytte ut linsen til en som er klar. 

Lurer også på om det er 2,5 " projector på disse ? 

Mener det er noen her om kanskje har gjort dette ? 


Er jo seff på jobb, og har altfor mye tid til funderinger. 





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4 timer siden, MS86 skrev:

Jeg har demontert lykt og kan gi deg noen tips der, men ikke resten:)6931688E-5D60-4409-A12A-355DA39CFE48.jpeg

Takk for bilder

Eg ville sett hvordan selve prosjektor, linse systemet er festet inni der...  

Men eg har reserve lykt heme, eg kan ta for meg etterhvert :-) 

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29 minutter siden, Timo@ skrev:

Se bilder, kanskje finner noe du lurer på





Ble litt mye russisk da... he he


Ene siden det linkes til, snalles det om brente reflektorer. Noe som skjer på alle, uavhengig av merke....


Oversatt txt fra denne  http://tuning40.ru/component/content/article/507-2016-11-28-14-05-21

Burnout of Xenon lenses (modules)
Most of the modern cars, especially the "premium" segment, as well as the mid-price category in the top configuration, produced before 2015, were equipped with xenon headlights.
Today, there are a large number of automotive optics manufacturers.
The most famous of them are Valeo, Bosch, Hella, Koito.
Many owners of such cars noticed that while the car was new, the headlights shone quite well, but after a couple of years of operation, even after replacing the lamps with new ones, the light became much worse.
This is due to lens burnout, absolutely any modules burn out, regardless of the manufacturer, some faster, and some last longer.
Burnout of lenses occurs due to untimely replacement of lamps or loosely closed covers, after replacing lamps; and sealing gum, which prevents dust from entering, lose these properties over time, and those who constantly drive with the headlights on also face this problem.


The top photo shows the burned-out reflector of the Bosch Bi-Xenon lens.
The bottom photo shows the new reflector of the Bosch Bi-Xenon lens.



Her fikk man vite alt som trengtes. 3 inches koito reflektorer. Så dette skal forskes mere på, 14 år gamle lykter må vel være noe preget av alder. 



In Land Rover Discovery III cars, there are koito lenses (adaptive) from the factory, this lens model is resistant to fading, but despite this, nothing lasts forever and it's time to replace it.
The lenses were replaced due to burnout.
About Lenses:
Installed Bi-xenon lenses (modules) Hella 3.1R
Reflector material: stamped metal
Reflector finish: Satin chrome
Base: D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S
Lens diameter: 3 inches
Country of origin: China
Headlight units - Original by Koito.
1. Headlights on Thermo-sealant (disassembled by heating)
2. The lens mount is standard, a major upgrade was required to maintain the adaptation.
3. Standard wiring
What did:
1. Cleaned the inside of the headlights.
2. Replaced the burned out lenses with new ones
3. made a light polishing of the headlights.
4. Replaced xenon lamps with new ones.
5. We adjusted the headlights in accordance with GOST using the device.

Request for quotation via private message.
Due to Drive2 rules, we cannot write to you first.

This is not the only option we make for Land Rover optics, you can see other options on our website in the Optics Modernization section, where you will find the best option for yourself.

If you have any questions, you can call us on tel. or write to us on E-mail Contacts Our group [In] Contact

By installing the headlights produced by Tuning40, you get:
1 - Improving the quality of light - increasing the comfortable speed;
2 - Improving safety in the dark by illuminating not only your own lane, but the entire roadbed, as well as roadsides and exits, pedestrians are better visible.
3 - Anti-fog guarantee and installed materials.

Subscribe and share with friends
Well, if you like, press the corresponding button

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Så hvem kan selge disse Hella prosjektorene.... 



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Får man bestilt fra russland da....

Ikke særlig dyrt heller



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Skal høre med en eg kjenner som prater russisk. 


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bi-xenon module Hella 3R - 1 piece,
ring for fixing the lamp D1 / D2 / D3 / D4 (completed in black or green) - 1pc,
shutter control wire - 1pc.
LED bulbs T10 W5W Philips V. in dimensions, license plate light or interior lighting (set of 2 pcs)

Updated version:

there is no backlash of the curtain (which excludes jamming),
new lamp fixing ring made of durable heat-resistant plastic,
completely transparent glass eliminates the loss of brightness, in contrast to cheaper replicas with a semblance of haze for the original modules,
correct alignment (the hot spot of the low and high beam is in the required area)
there is a blackout zone in the eye area of the oncoming driver.

Hella 3R is the model name for modern bi-xenon modules or lenses. They are an improved analogue of the Hella 3 bilens.

The improved copy boasts a more powerful luminous flux. This makes it very different from the previous models Hella 3, Hella R. The main advantages of the new bilins can be distinguished:

High brightness dipped beam.
Extended beam of high beam (compared to older copies).
Used to replace standard modules.
With fixing holes similar to Hella 3.
Due to their miniature size, they can be installed in small-sized headlights.

Hella's updated lenses are versatile. They fit any kind of D1S / D2S / D3S / D4S xenon bulbs. Another feature of the product is completely transparent glass, on which there are no notches. Due to this, the border of shadow and light becomes as clear as possible.

Any original floodlight lamp for lighting fixtures can be installed in the Hella Bixenon. The fastening method is using a retaining ring. This clip is suitable for different types of lamps, including d1s / d2s, d3s / d4s.

You can order Hella 3 bilens by phone or through our official website. Fill out the online application and receive high-quality products with delivery in St. Petersburg and other Russian regions.


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Nå kan dette også brukes,  og blir sikkert samme prisen til slutt. 






Tenker med dette, kan man bygge om slik at det passer. 

Utfordringen er AFS/ adaptive funskjonen som skal kjøre linsen sideveis, siden min har adaptive lykter. 

Uten AFS, vil eg tro det er veldig enkelt. 



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30 minutter siden, Hanslr skrev:

Bi-led linser finner du på eBay. Lurer på hvor bra de virker i forhold til nye biler med led.





Utfra YouTube ser det ut til å fungere, 

Skulle gjerne testet de ut. 

Yufanyua og morimoto ser ut til å være bra produsenter 

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