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The love for a LR Defender

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I have fumbled many a times why men or better-still some of us do love this truck. I still remember 10 years ago when I first saw the truck as the former owner drove into the driveway and delivered the truck. My heart missed a bit - there were churns in the tummy - the look. That night, I dreamt I was on a Safari in Africa and in my new Defender.


Getting to know the truck, I found out there were defects which were not covered when it was bought. The rotten doors ( all 4 replaced), the leaking footwells (all sealed), the wet carpets (all dried now) and finally the lack of upgrade on many areas. These were but a few of the discoveries I made. For me, these were nothing as I have grown up with a father who almost always was tickling the belly of his series truck, either welding or hammering on rotten bolts and nuts.


Buying the parts was fun and getting through all MOTs (EU Control) was just like winning a football match. Bearings were changed, steering bars upgraded, seats upgraded, and even main clutch were all done at home. The swearing (in the Northern Norwegian mode) the cuts on fingers and knuckles and the constant repairs was fun. I missed a lot in many days and nearly forgot how my wife and the kids looked like. I overhead my wife telling a friend of the Defender getting more love than her.


After a while, a Disco 2 was bought and then a Disco 3 was also bought. Family friends, particularly the men, vowed never to fall culprit to loving a Land Rover and for that matter a defender. I understood them perfectly well, ironically though, as one of our family friend with a BMW X3 ( I think) payed over nok 40.000,- for replacement punctured air springs.


Now the D2 has been sold and the D3 and Defender are at home. And the Misses wants space and henceforth wants the Defender `thrown´out of the FAMILY TREE. The problem is that, the children cry and are constantly begging to keep `little brother´in the family tree. This is it!!!! Love for box-shaped-aluminium-steel truck :D


In a nutshell, the Love of a Defender still lives on. B)B)








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I need more children and grand-children.

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