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Car & Driver om nye D5

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En litt mer utfyllende artikel enn den fra dinside.no








None of the photos released thus far shows the Discovery with a roof rack. There’s a reason for that. Although a rack will be available, the chief designer would prefer you didn’t order it: “I hate roof racks,” says McGovern. “But if people want them they can go ahead and buy one and ruin the design.”




All three rows boast seat heaters, and there are as many as nine USB ports and six 12-volt outlets on board.




Although your eye tells you the new Discovery is smaller than the LR4, it’s actually 5.5 inches longer on a wheelbase stretched 1.5 inches, yet the roof sits 1.6 inches lower.




For an even neater trick, owners can raise or lower either section of the 60/40-split second-row seats or the 50/50-split third row via a smartphone app or through the in-dash touchscreen.


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Fra Expedition Portal:

All that said, let’s not lose sight of what this vehicle is. The Discovery may not be a tuxedo, but it sure isn’t a set of work overalls, either. This is an upscale urban carrier with Rover’s 4×4 DNA woven into its very being. Judging by the other Rovers in the new stable, it will do just fine off the tarmac, but this isn’t your go-to for a romp across the Rubicon.


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