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Tore Kjernmoen

Four Generations of Range Rover Luxury SUVs Come Together

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The Range Rover series is regarded by many as the forefather of today's luxury SUVs with a rich and rather interesting history spanning more than four decades.

Naturally, much has changed since the introduction of the first generation model in 1970, which began its life as a mostly utilitarian three-door SUV and it wasn't until Land Rover presented the five-door version with added amenities such as air-conditioning and…carpet that it began taking shape as a luxury model.

Nevertheless, the Range Rover Mk1 was maintained in production until the BMW Group came into the picture providing the necessary funds for the creation of its successor in 1994 as well as the third generation in 2002, with the latter having the unique distinction of being originally developed by BMW, but built under the ownership of Ford (2000-2008) and later on, India's Tata Motors (2008-2012).

After the launch of the all-new and significantly lighter 2013 Range Rover Mk4, British car magazine Auto Express brought examples of all four generations to the Land Rover Experience Center in Eastnor Castle, England, to see how much the series has evolved over the years and what are the similarities and differences between them.

See what they came up with in the video below.


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