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I haven't updated this for ages now. The news is that after buying a S2A FC in June 2014 and running it for 4 years as a family wagon, going on adventures in Austria and in the Czech Republic, I decided to sell it last year and finally found a buyer this year. Yesterday, the FC was loaded into a shipping container and is on its way to the USA.


Here's a photo of the FC being loaded into a 20' container:



Let's see what comes next - I already mentioned elsewhere on this forum that I've long got an ambition to buy an ex-mil LR in Norway, but it might take some time before I find the right one. Don't want a shiny one, I like my Landies to be a bit scruffy on the outside, but fully functional and mechanically sound on the inside :-)


Let us see what the future brings, in the meantime there's a vacant space in the parking lot that needs filling in!



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You've got some positive Wibes in that garage space 1960SeriesII !!


Follow Norwegian advertising outlet www.finn.no under Land Rovers and there are Ex-mils popping up, as well as on these pages and FB Landroverprat.

Good luck! 

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