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Solex forgasser gies bort til godt hjem

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steike, jeg fant jammen exmil-morro også ! :D



1) If you own a soft top drive around wearing a balaclava or old stockings on your head and enjoy the reactions from other drivers


2) Paint your LR in full military camouflage and go through Mcdonalds drive throughs dressed in old military uniforms shouting orders at your passengers ( and the helpfull or pittifull Mcdonalds staff)


3) Carefully craft replica GPMG's from styrofoam and mount them on your vehicle then park in front of a police station and see how long it takes to be surrounded by confused cops threatening you.


4) Fly a large flag of another country off your vehicle and drive around shouting for people to surrender and give you all your money ( this is especially funny if you use a flag from a country like New Zealand its even funnier if you have a large stuffed sheep stuck on the front of your vehicle)



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mer morro på lager :D .


A body engineer from Land Rover goes on an exchange visit to Toyota in Japan and watches the engineers developing the latest Land Cruiser bodyshell. He notices that on the workbench they have a cat in a small cage and he asks what it's for. The Japanese engineer tells him when they have finished a Land Cruiser they lock a cat in it and go home. If the cat is dead when they return in the morning they know the shutlines on the doors are up to their high standards. The LR guy likes this idea and when he gets back to Solihull he takes a cat to work and locks it in a Defender and goes home for the night. When he returns in the morning the cat is gone. :lol:


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Slapp av, Jan-Einar..... Du har jo allerede fått gasseren.... ;)


Men, for all del; vitsen var morsom den.



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trenger repsett også vet du :P . neida, dette er gebursdagsbonus til deg B) .


Land Rovers are like women:

They leak when you don't want them to, moan on long journey's, embarrass you in front of friends and peers, and consume more money than you ever expected once you've commit yourself to one. :lol:


Did you hear about the man whose Land Rover didn't leak oil?

The factory took it back and worked on it until it did. :lol:


Did you hear the one about the guy that peeked into a Land Rover and asked the owner "How can you tell one switch from another at night? They all look the same.

He replied, "It doesn't matter which one you use, nothing happens !" :lol:




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:) Gratulerer wold, den fortjemte du :lol::lol:

Det er storsinnet, Ragnar..... Skulle ønske jeg hadde flere å gi bort....



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Guest Bjølli Vinn

En mann klager og led av hukommelsestap. Han gikk til doktor: "Doktor, jeg lider av hukommelsestap! !!"


"Hvor lenge har du lidd av det da?"



-"Lidd av hva??"



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How to know that You're a Land Rover owner:

If You go to get the Sunday paper and You come back on Monday without it.

When the best route from point A to point B is through the mud.

When a scratch or a dent is a beauty mark.

You roll Your Rover over and look for it's thingy.

Your mom and sister can't get in without help.

You judge every hill You see by how much fun it would be to climb.

You search for trails in an USAF helicopter.

You get custom pin-striping from trail brush.

If it takes more than 6 hours to get donuts.

When You pull into the unplowed parking spots on snowy days.

When You take Your friends wheeling and they say "What trail - I don't see a trail!".

Your friends won't ride with You 'cause they don't want to wind up in the desert in the middle of the night.

When Your boss's secretary calls to "recommend" that You wash Your Rover.

When You finally wash the mud off, everyone thinks You bought a new Rover.

You carry emergency supplies and clothing because You never know where You will end up.

When Your Nerf bars battle rocks and win.

When it rains and You don't care that Your tops and doors are off.

When You change Your plugs in the parking lot at work on a break.

If Your "Parts Dept." is on blocks behind Your house.

You use an ice-scraper on the INSIDE of the windshield.

You get more heat from holes in the floorboards than through the heater vents.

You spend more time under Your Rover than under Your significant other.

You spend more on car washes than on insurance.

Even worse the car wash won't let You in.

You complain about everything but smile when You fix everything yourself.

When You think Mud Brown should be a factory paint color.

When You have all Your credit card numbers memorized.

When You slam the door and part of Your Rover crumbles to the ground.

If You get asked to pick up Your co-workers in a snow storm and get paid for it.

Your wife/girlfriend refuses to get in it.

You are the only one on the street that doesn't plow their driveway.

You try to run the plow trucks off the road when it snows.

You have a high-water mark INSIDE the Rover.

The first word out of Your 2 year old's mouth isn't Mommy or Daddy, it's rover!

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