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  1. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    its surprising who you bump into when your on the road........it was good to catch up with everybody......
  2. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    love my work...when a new SS tubular exhaust arrives for the 50th anniversary 90".....
  3. TUGGY

    Enrollment Landstreff 2018

    wow thats expensive for the week....185 quid....?
  4. TUGGY

    next years landstreef

    Great let me work out some dates we might not be there all week we might just be there 2-3 days as we want to go and see some of the sights we haven't seen....
  5. TUGGY

    next years landstreef

    Planning this trip at the moment and was looking at a ferry crossing from hirtshals - kristiansand and was quoted 700 ump surely it has to be cheaper than that.....any ideas what you pay...
  6. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    Been giving this 89 200TDI the complete rebuild its had new everything........i love my job......
  7. TUGGY

    Hi landrover enthusiasts of Norway

    Beautiful pictures......looks like an awesome trip.....
  8. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    lots of snow and a new MOT....whats not to like.........
  9. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    next week complete chassis wash and undersea...
  10. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    and time for coffee and fire....
  11. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    ok finished this one today i fitted the wheel arches and chopped the wings so the wheels would fit under the wings...then a bulb to chang...road tested it and she's ready for the MOT on Monday.....
  12. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    ha,ha,drunk....good man...
  13. TUGGY

    oh no not again,,,,

    wasn't happy with the stock rear spring retaining bars fitted these HD 5mm bars....much better...