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  1. Happy to link with colleagues from wider Stavanger area, maybe you can advice me some nice non-asphalt routes in the area. @qcnr I'll sent PM
  2. Nice setup and nice to see 4Land is known here in Norway. I had a chance to visit Tomek's workshop this summer and see his team installing such roof on few vehicles, while few/several more were there for other service. The place looks like Defender's heaven ;-) Actually, I was not the only 110 that day with Norwegian plates. I have similar roof, different brand, installed in Germany few years ago. As it was done by previous owner, I cannot help with any information related to formal approval you discussed earlier. But I did already two EU controls in person without the
  3. Welcome everyone, Do you know any trusted service in the area of Stavanger, which is able to maintain the 110, 2.2? Although official LR service is very helpful, that come with the price which is not always pocket-friendly, as you can imagine. Enthusiast's garage could works better here I believe, but should be someone who now the beast well enough. No specific issues at that moment, just to make a link for the future, in regards on general mechanics/leaking/engine service, and maybe some rust protect renewal. Thank you in advance for suggestions. PS. Feel
  4. Good day for everyone Although trying to improve my Norwegian, I'll probably post some questions and comment in English. Therefore starting in this tread first. I'm Jacek, originally from Poland, already 4 years in Norway. Living in Stavanger area. From several months I'm a happy owner of LRD110, 2.2, 2012, Blaser Edition (one few sold in Norway at that time). Using car daily, except the time is stays in the service (which is not that rare, as you can imagine). Driving around Norway and Europe, having pop top tent installed See you around on the road, I see regularly
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