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    4x4 , ]Over-landing , Diving, Hiking, Boating, Restoring WW2 Military equipment

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  1. Hello Guys ‘’ A big hello from the Uk, we are planning a trip through your beautiful country driving from Kristiansand to north of Flam and then a route back to Uk route is just starting to take shape now. We visited last year for a 4 day trip hiking in Priekestolen area and decided that we needed much longer so the old Gold Disco 2 is coming to visit in August, say hi if you see us would love to see a few Landrover enthusiasts waving. Any gravel roads that we should see in high areas would be appreciated or recommended quiet spots away from away from the crowds are our preference. ‘’Let’s measure the drive in hours of enjoyment Either way you guys have a fantastic country and we feel very lucky to be able to travel and enjoy the country and wilderness.
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