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  1. Taking it one step at a time it was fairly manageable. A few problems had to be overcome - the lower frame got a bit twisted by the heat of welding the corners and that needed 'accommodating' but nothing that was a real killer. As a construction method I can thoroughly recommend it as it gives lots of flexibility and the main thing is you dont have to pull the whole roof off and have it exposed to weather. I dreamed for about 2 years before starting, but that was time well spent because it meant I knew what I wanted to achieve and had allowed myself to be inspired by the journeys taken by others. Your day will come!
  2. I'm past caring about scratches - the 110 is 25 years old now and has done 265,000 miles! Thanks - it was a leap into the unknown but the build method and being able to lift the new roof off and on whilst it was being 'created' and still being able to use the 110 as normal really helped. If it had all gone pear-shaped at the build stage I had a big safety net by not actually cutting into the original roof until I knew it all worked. Yes my partner is doing ok. She's got a slight twitch occasionally when she's tired, but considering she was pretty much 'dead' at one point and the prognosis was really bad, she's recovered remarkably and nobody would know she'd had such a devastating event. The psychological side of it is still being worked through though - it's a slow process.
  3. I think white. The 110 was all dark blue (including the roof) and when the sun shone the interior got unbearably hot. With the white roof that I've just put on its substantially cooler, and with white sides as well it'll probably be even better. It wont be any kind of fancy paint job - probably just a roller or brush done by me.
  4. Ah I understand now! Thinking.........convert 110 to mobile Scottish pub, install whisky distribution system, put on bagpipe music, drive to Arctic Circle.....have much fun!
  5. Thanks for the information. I'll give that some consideration!
  6. Thank you! Aye, it was a tough year of work, but the easy availability of cheap (compared to Norway!) whisky made it worthwhile!
  7. Just joined your forum (I'm Scottish) and thought you might be interested in the lifting roof I made recently for my 110, which I did (mostly) outside on my drive (no proper workshop). I have been to Sweden but not to Norway yet, but I am planning a trip next year or year after to visit relatives. Hope this inspires some of you!
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