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  1. The video is now online: Have fun! Regards, Harry Woker
  2. Hi there, The 3 Land Rovers (actually: 2 + 1 Skoda Octavia) of the Dutch Land Rover Register had a wonderfull time at your event. Many thanks! To see my video of our Norway expedition (incl the week at Karmoy): Det var en fantastisk tur. Norge, tusen takk, og vi ses! Regards, Harry Woker The Netherlands (the red 88-inch Land Rover, with the leopard)
  3. Hi, The small group from the Dutch Land Rover Register (DLRR) had a wonderfull time at the Jubileum Treff this year. I tried to make some video footage. Here is the trailer: I hope to finish & publish the complete 18 minute video this month. Regards, Harry Woker (the red Series III with the leopard )
  4. To all who made this event such a nice event (apart from the guy who desigend the men's toilet:)): The 3 Dutch equipes from the Dutch Land Rover Register returned safely into the Netherlands. Jaap & Ada waits (in NLD) for the dispatch of their 1963 unfortunate Forward Control back to Holland... In the meantime I posted some 72 pictures of the DLRR expedition towards Karmoy: https://picasaweb.google.com/101928778608939259324/ZomervakantieZuidwestNoorwegen2015 My 1983 Series III travelled this expedition 2102 mile (3382 km) at a (petrol) fuel expenditure of 1 liter per 7.4 km. Many thanks from teh Netherlands for such a lovely event! Kind regards, Harry and the red Series III
  5. Update on the participation of the Dutch Land Rover Register (DLRR). Due to several circumstances we're down to only 3-4 Land Rovers planning to attend the event. Planned participation: a Series IIA Forward Control, a Series III 88-inch, a Defender 90 and possibly a Freelander 1 (or either a '101'?). I am still struggling to understand the Registration Instructions (as part of the language is still Norwegian ) and how I can include the whole group... Question: is it also possible to show up at teh event and register (and pay) at the entrance? Question: are there any other foreign Land Rover Clubs attending the event? Regards, Harry Woker 1983 Series III (ex British Telecom Scotland West)
  6. All, thanks for the quick answers! Harry Woker 1983 Series III (ex British Telecom Scotland West)
  7. Hello from the Netherlands! During our Summer Holiday we plan to visit your Jubileum Treff 2015 at Karmoy. Together with a group of Dutch Land Rovers from the Dutch Land Rover Register (DLRR). I will try to drive my 1983 red Series III 88-inch up to Karmoy. For some video footage of travels with the DLRR, look here: http://www.dlrr.nl/film Question: when will there be more (English) information avaliable at the website, as my knowledge of Norwegian language is rather rusty? Regards, Harry
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