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  1. I haven't updated this for ages now. The news is that after buying a S2A FC in June 2014 and running it for 4 years as a family wagon, going on adventures in Austria and in the Czech Republic, I decided to sell it last year and finally found a buyer this year. Yesterday, the FC was loaded into a shipping container and is on its way to the USA. Here's a photo of the FC being loaded into a 20' container: Let's see what comes next - I already mentioned elsewhere on this forum that I've long got an ambition to buy an ex-mil LR in Norway, but it might take some time before I find the right one. Don't want a shiny one, I like my Landies to be a bit scruffy on the outside, but fully functional and mechanically sound on the inside :-) Let us see what the future brings, in the meantime there's a vacant space in the parking lot that needs filling in!
  2. Anyone willing to make it a road trip and see an exmil for sale at Engeloya? Always wanted an exmil and this one almost looks too good to be true :-) https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=120247351 Many thanks! Jan
  3. Thanks for the positive comments, glad you like the designs I do
  4. Hvis du kan holde på girkassen for litt, kanskje jeg trenger mer - Jeg var veldig ivrig etter å få det her, tilbudet var så interessant. Men transport prisene er rett og slett astronomiske. Jeg håper virkelig noen fra Norge kommer til Birmabright Weekend :-)
  5. Takk igjen for tilbudet, lafterolf, men jeg til slutt måtte jeg kjøpe bare de delene (brukt, så ganske billig) i Storbritannia, som kostnaden ved å bringe den frie girkassen til Tsjekkia var for høy (nesten 450 eur ...).
  6. Hello to all friends of leaf-sprung Land-Rovers in Norway, Would like to post an invite to an annual event here in the Czech Republic. Since 2009 it has grown to become an international meeting of Series LR owners from Poland, Germany, Austria, UK and the Netherlands, so I hope some day people from Scandinavia could also join our ranks. Feel like going on an adventure? See our FB page at www.facebook.com/BirmabrightWeekend and the Event section there, the 2016 event is listed there. I wanted to post the programme here, but for some reason the paste/copy function did not work, so I had to improvise a bit The event programme and the invitation are posted on UK forums such as the LRSOC, S2C and SeriouslySeries.com, as well as the German BlackLandy forum and the French Le Temps des Series one. Looking forward to see you in Kutná Hora! Kind regards, Jan
  7. I have a little business of my own - it's a "brand" called Born (to be) Wild - www.facebook.com/born.wild.cz In fact it's just me and my wife, a little hobby that I have.
  8. Takk - men det er fra en exmil kjøretøy, ikke sant? Jeg sjekker de budtjenester priser, vil jeg gi deg beskjed så snart som mulig. Takk igjen!
  9. Takk for tilbudet, vil jeg sjekke kurer kostnadene for overføringen. Var den i god stand da den ble fjernet fra bilen?
  10. Many things have happened in the meantime. Instead of buying an ex-military Norwegian S3, I bought an S2A Forward Control in Austria. I also started selling my drawings on t-shirts, mugs and stickers, but it's still more a hobby than real business. The two trucks at the centre are ours:
  11. Google kan snakke norsk :-) Hva er prisen på girkassen? Send meg en privat melding hvis du vil;-)
  12. Hello, Looking for these parts for a One Ton/FC gearbox - I believe these gearboxes were also fitted to the Norwegian military SIII's? Could anyone help? Would be happy to get a complete gearbox if we can work out the price and a way how I could get it here (I live in the Czech Republic, so would have to sort out a courier). Many thanks! Jan
  13. BBW 2013 was definitely the wettest, if not the best, installment there ever was! We've had all kinds of rain, thunder and lightning, but people somehow were not intimidated and 22 leafers turned up, which was great! The greenlaning was a bit muddy, but I think people appreciated the added value of muddy lanes Sunday's National Agricultural Museum's event was rainy as well, still we had 12 trucks participating, which was also quite a success, provided everyone had everything soaked with water by then! Photos:
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